Greetings from Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio. As we venture deeper into the themes of growth, transformation, and unwavering trust in one’s path, I’m inspired to share a more intimate reflection on how these principles have woven through my personal journey.


The recent undertaking of transforming our balcony into a green oasis has been met with inner battles and doubts. Questions like, “Do I have enough space?” or “Is this worth the effort?” often surface, establishing barriers that attempt to thwart our aspirations. I’ve come to view these doubts as the weeds in our garden – the invasive thoughts of insecurity, judgment, and fear that threaten to overshadow our dreams of growth.


What propels me forward amidst these doubts is the recognition of past triumphs over uncertainty and fear. At 18, I embarked on a new chapter as a flight attendant with Air Canada, leaving behind the familiar comforts of Quebec and my loved ones. The doubts loomed large – “Can I do this alone?” “Is this too hard?” – yet I forged ahead, trusting in my abilities and embracing the unknown. 


Upon leaving Air Canada to pursue a career in trauma therapy, similar doubts resurfaced. The transition from flight attendant to therapist seemed daunting, with questions of capability and worthiness clouding my vision. However, each leap into the unknown taught me the power of self-trust, resilience, and the willingness to confront uncertainty head-on.


The journey of creating space to grow, and renovating every floor of our lifestyle studio, has demanded unwavering dedication and consistency. It’s a process marked by tedious work, persistent effort, and the continuous battle against doubts, insecurities, and self-judgment. Through these challenges, I’ve come to understand that it’s our responsibility to uproot the weeds in our garden – the doubts, insecurities, and judgments that hinder our growth and potential.


As we navigate the twists and turns of life’s garden, may we draw strength from our past victories, our ability to conquer doubts, and our resilience in the face of uncertainty. Let’s clear the weeds of self-doubt, sow the seeds of self-compassion, and nurture the belief in our capacity to flourish and grow.


Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, let us continue to cultivate our inner gardens with love, courage, and unwavering trust in the process.


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