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Somatic Trauma Counselling

Chantal Watier, ACSW, SEP

Addictions and Community Services Worker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Individuals, Couples, Children and Families. Services available in French or English

Chantal Watier believes that compassion and understanding are two of her strongest traits. Her sense of passion, purpose and spiritual commitment continually fuel her desire to help individuals connect with the innate guidance and capacity to heal that resides within each person. Her goals are to enhance and build on existing strengths while promoting growth in areas of need.

Chantal’s scope of practice is in the areas of trauma, addictions and mental health, including the impact of such on the body as well as on relational and family dynamics. Some of Chantal’s more profound experiences involve eating disorders, hoarding, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and grief, and loss. Chantal’s therapeutic perspective stems from a mindfulness-based, attachment-focused and trauma-informed lens.


Chakra Attunement

During the 60-minute chakra attunement using tuning forks and energy clearing, you will experience the restoration of life flow energy between Mother Earth and Father Sky. This transformative session will bring alignment, vitality, and a renewed sense of flow. Through the use of tuning forks and clearing techniques, this experience aims to harmonize your energy centers, leaving you feeling deeply attuned and in tune with the natural rhythms of the world.

Pressotherapy massage with Energy Reset

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our holistic pressotherapy lower body massage. Our advanced air compression device improves lymphatic drainage and circulation, melts tension and releases toxins. As you unwind, we also offer Reiki with sounds healing and chakra attunement using tuning forks on the upper body, balancing and aligning your energy centers. To complete your experience, enjoy alkaline water infused with daily greens and electrolytes, replenishing and hydrating your body!

Mind-Body-Spirit Realignment

Experience a transformative 2.5 hour session to reset, recharge and renew your nervous system. This service combines intention setting, Reiki energy healing, chakra alignment with tuning forks, soothing sound healing, energy clearing, somatic embodiment, and an insightful oracle card reading. Additionally, we incorporate cord-cutting techniques to release attachments that no longer serve you. Renew your mind, body, and spirit with this holistic and rejuvenating experience.

Dual Practitioner Mind-Body-Spirit Realignment

Experience profound mind, body, and spirit realignment In this in-depth 2.5 hours, we combine the healing powers of the Devine feminine and masculine to offer you the ultimate support using Reiki, energy clearing techniques, sound healing, and chakra attunement with tuning forks. Replenish your body with alkaline live water enhanced with your daily dose of greens and mineralized electrolytes for optimal well-being. Finalized with an intuitive Oracle card reading. Embark on a transformative inner journey.