As we step into the depths of the winter season, it becomes essential to navigate the intricacies of inner healing and self-discovery. In this blog post, I am honored to guide you through an exploration of practices and techniques that can aid us in meeting ourselves in the darkness and embracing the light within.


Calls for mindfulness and a deep presence within each moment. By consciously centering ourselves in the present, we open the door to heightened awareness and greater connectivity with our inner light.


In its truest essence, extends beyond the act of asking for our desires. It is a sacred practice of listening within—connecting with our higher self, our spirituality, or any higher beings we resonate with. By invoking moments of silence and deep listening, we create a space for profound insights and clarity to emerge.


Is often overlooked in its significance. Just as a phone becomes useless without recharging, we too require moments of rest and downtime to restore and rejuvenate our energies. A moment of rest does not need to be a grand vacation; it can be a deep breath with acknowledgement between tasks, a short walk, a pause to close your eyes and just be. By neglecting the need for rest, we are essentially holding our breath, depriving ourselves of the necessary release and renewal that comes with taking a break. Just as the lack of exhaling would disrupt the natural rhythm of our breath, avoiding rest disrupts the natural rhythm of our lives, impacting our overall well-being and productivity.

Emotional Release:

Trusting our bodies to release pent-up emotions is essential for our overall well-being. We can liken this to emotional potty training – just as we trust our bodies to signal when we need physical release, we should trust the signals that tell us we need to cry it out or shake off emotional burdens. By acknowledging and honoring these signals, we can allow ourselves the space and time to release what no longer serves us, paving the way for healing and emotional well-being.


The antidote to depression, plays a pivotal role in our holistic well-being. By cultivating a spirit of gratitude, we infuse each moment with appreciation, inviting a profound transformation in our perceptions and experiences.

Forgiveness and Acceptance: Serve as the foundation for reclaiming the fragmented parts of ourselves that have been rejected, abandoned, or judged. Through journaling, we delve into the depths of the winter landscape, unraveling our feelings, emotions, and unprocessed grief. This act provides a space for self-discovery, enabling us to embrace our wounds and unexpressed emotions with compassion and integration.

Life Force Energy:

The very essence of breath and heartbeat, sustains us even amidst the darkest and heaviest moments. By acknowledging and connecting with this continuous flow of life force energy, we empower ourselves to embrace and forgive the parts of ourselves that have been deemed unworthy of love and acceptance.

It is through this profound inner work that we commence the journey of reclaiming our space to grow. As we navigate the winter darkness, let us grant ourselves the grace to dwell in this exquisite landscape of self-discovery, embracing our unprocessed grief and abandoned parts with love and acceptance.

By allowing the constant movement of life force energy to course through us, we nurture our deepest essence. The transformative power of forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude enables us to embody a radiant light that transcends the darkness, illuminating our path toward self-discovery and healing.

With warmth and light on your journey, Chantal Watier 


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