The Freedom Within; Reclaiming Your Space to Grow Introduction

Welcome to this empowering space where we will delve into the idea that true freedom resides in the work we’ve been avoiding. Join me, Chantal, owner of Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio, as we explore the transformative journey of reclaiming our space to grow. In this holistic wellness center, we offer trauma therapy, somatic experiencing, meditation, and various events. Through my own experiences, I aim to inspire you to look within and discover the tremendous freedom that awaits when we face the work you’ve been avoiding.

Our life’s results are a direct reflection of our thoughts, environment, choices and actions. Knowing that stress hijacks life out of the system and that we heal in connection with others. Personally, and professionally I intend to create ongoing opportunities for myself and others to bring life back into the system.  I am confident that we are stronger together and that we rise by lifting others. These concepts formed the foundation for Space to Grow Studio. The mission is to offer a safe space where people are invited to explore, discover and share their truth, without judgment. Space to Grow is where people can receive counselling services as well as shop and support local vendors. We focus on restoring balance between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self while promoting the flow of vitality, so each can grow their capacity to fully engage in life.

I believe that we are all of equal value and that we are “the chosen one” for the Purpose of our own soul’s mission. I am determined to help others awaken to their own Purpose. Though sharing my story, I wish to touch people’s hearts on a deeper level and hope to help them see things from multiples perspectives.

I aim to reflect in others the light that shines within, knowing that it’s not what we leave for others that matters but rather what we leave in them that matters most. It’s not about possessions and wealth, it’s about leaving behind the essence of our authentic self.   Through my ongoing practice of self care, self-discovery and vulnerability I hope to pave the way for my children and others to do the same. I proudly exercise kindness, compassion and understanding which provides me with the capacity to face my fears and push through obstacles.

I KNOW WHY! Until I gave myself permission to honor my strengths, beauty and my deeper WHY, my dreams were no more than wishful thinking.   I am here to serve, inspire, love and live my truth. I wish to be remembered as a peacemaker, healer, restorer of hope and faith, lover not a fighter. Above all, I am most proud of my cherished young children, Kiana and Nicolas, whom I trust, through living their own WHY, will contribute greatly to the ripple effect of love and light.

Through Space to Grow I aim to create opportunities for others to shine bright and reach greater heights. With the intention of deepening the connecting with ourselves, each other and the light within.

Embracing Liberation:

At Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio, we understand that facing the work we’ve been avoiding allows us to break free from self-imposed limitations. By embracing this journey of self-discovery, we can liberate ourselves from the need for external validation and the belief that we are not good enough. Through reclaiming our space to grow, we become architects of our own lives, making changes without needing anyone’s permission and debunking the notion that we cannot achieve our deepest desires. The

Freedom of Alignment:

Reclaiming our space to grow encompasses aligning our entire being—body, mind, and soul. This multidimensional approach allows us to address the work emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. By integrating all aspects of ourselves, we unlock a profound sense of freedom—a freedom that arises when we feel fully aligned, excited, and dedicated to the work we’ve been avoiding.

Empowering Self-Transformation:

One of the greatest benefits of facing the work we’ve been avoiding is the freedom to initiate change in our lives. By accepting the challenge and mustering the courage to confront our fears and limitations, we become the masters of our own destiny. This autonomy empowers us to make significant shifts internally, leading to external transformations that ripple through every aspect of our lives.

The Freedom Within:

As we delve deeper into reclaiming our space to grow, we discover a vast freedom that resides within us. This freedom springs from the knowledge that we hold the power to shape our own lives. With each step we take, each hurdle we overcome, we become intimately acquainted with the energy and potential that course through our bodies and souls. It is within this freedom that our true essence thrives, unburdened by self-doubt or external constraints. Conclusion: In the journey of reclaiming our space to grow, we find the freedom we’ve been longing for. By facing the work we’ve been avoiding, we liberate ourselves from self-imposed limitations and societal expectations. This newfound freedom allows us to make changes without seeking validation or permission, ultimately empowering us to align our entire being and embark on a transformative path. Let us embrace this journey together, as we unlock the freedom within and manifest a life of fulfillment, purpose, and unyielding joy.