In our July blog, we are continuing the journey of meeting ourselves where we’re at and reclaiming our Space to Grow. Building on our June discussions about the importance of taking things slow and steady to overcome doubts and insecurities. Let’s dive deeper into the process of growth and persistence as we explore the balance between pursuing our goals with unwavering persistence and choosing to prioritize love, forgiveness, and quality time with our loved ones above all else.

Further Reflecting on June’s theme, I shared my desire to create a mini garden on my patio balcony. While there has been progress and growth, there have also been setbacks—some plants didn’t make it, and certain factors like high winds, intense heat, and squirrels have caused challenges. This has highlighted the importance of persistence, keen observation, and the need to adapt and be creative in problem-solving. Sometimes, we need to create barriers and provide shelter to ensure our growth thrives.

July is about nurturing what you’ve planted, both in the garden and within yourself. It’s a time to stay the course, maintain consistency in your efforts, and start reaping the rewards of your labor. Remember, it’s all about persistence, nurturing your mind, body, and soul, and staying committed to your journey.

Expanding on the theme of persistence, it’s essential to highlight the equally crucial attributes of patience and trust in the growth and healing process. When we embark on a new project or journey, there’s often an initial “honeymoon phase” filled with excitement, motivation, and a clear vision of the end goal. It’s like feeling the wind at your back propelling you forward as you launch into something new with passion. However, as reality sets in, there inevitably comes a challenging phase that tests your vision and commitment. This can be a tricky period where results may not materialize as quickly as expected, leading to doubts and a temptation to give up. Yet, it’s precisely during these times that the real test of perseverance begins. This is where patience and trust in the process come into play. It’s about pushing a little harder, digging a little deeper, and continuing to water and nurture that seed of potential. Even when progress seems slow or obstacles keep getting in your way, it’s essential to keep moving forward. Trust that every effort contributes to the eventual blooming of that seed into a beautiful fruit-bearing plant. Navigating through these blind spots, persevering through challenges, and maintaining faith in the process are all integral parts of the growth journey.

Last month, my partner and I took a big step forward by starting a new chapter of living together. This change brought about lifestyle adjustments and challenges that offered us opportunities to grow and adapt. For instance, the attempt to cultivate a garden on our balcony. Similarly, as we launched ourselves in the creation of our local storefront market, the initial excitement was met with the reality of consistent effort and hard work required to bring our vision to life. Reminding us of the importance of holding the vision, trusting the process, and making necessary adjustments along the way. Just like tending to a garden it requires patience, care and flexibility to thrive through life’s unruly chaos. Our spiritual growth demands a similar level of commitment and resilience.

As I approach the one-year anniversary of the passing of my stepfather, Ian, I am reminded that the journey of grief and loss brings with it meaningful lessons. This can prompt us to reprioritize what truly matters and forces us to take a step back from the never-ending day-to-day projects and expectations. Therefore, this month’s invitation is to pause and create balance between pursuing our goals with persistence and immersing ourselves in the invisible projects of the heart. This means doing the inner work, renegotiating our patterns, processing grief to enable healing of the heart. Through this, we learn to forgive more easily, cultivate acceptance and grow meaningful connections.

The experiences we value go beyond the successful outcomes we seek but more so in the priceless radiating light of human connection. Despite the uncertainties and trial and error in life, may we learn to breathe through it all with faith. This allows us to hold on to what truly matters—family, love, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude and honoring the lessons and the blessings in life itself.

Let us find delightful humor in the magic of the journey itself. By embracing the journey with an open heart and a spirit of playfulness, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

Keep going, don’t give up, and savor the fruits of your labor.

Happy July!
Love and Gratitude; Chantal Watier


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