Last month’s blog highlighted how to nurture our light within the darkness, including practicing mindfulness, meditation, prayer, gratitude, emotional release, and rest. This February, let’s continue to Go Deeper Within even in the midst of darkness. Embrace your power and be the light others need. 

As we continue to meet ourselves in the darkness of winter, let’s not fear the darkness but instead bring light, curiosity, forgiveness, and acceptance to the full human experience. It’s about learning to gently forgive these darker aspects and integrate them because, ultimately, we are the light in the darkness.

What does it truly mean to be the light in the darkness? It means going and sitting with our insecurities, shadows, and fears without judgment, shame, or self-loathing. As we bring light to these places, the darkness dissipates. 

Let’s explore a practical example. Take the instance where you notice a trigger, perhaps an insecurity in communication with your partner. For me, this means confronting avoidance patterns, internal embarrassment, and deep-seated fears. For instance, I often find myself trapped in patterns of overthinking and self-judgment when I sense disapproval from someone or fear judgment and rejection.This process has meant humbly looking at parts of myself as I dive deeper into my own soul. It’s not easy—we don’t always relate to what we find when we open our minds. 

These moments can dim our light, getting in the way of our capacity to connect authentically and shine brightly. But one thing that blows me away is realizing that within each of us lies the vastness of the ocean, and in our own bodies, we hold the universe. When we don’t over-identify with these feelings but instead learn to move through them, we find our way back to the light, much like the sun after the night. What goes up must come down, and vice versa. As above, so below. Wrapping our heads around that is definitely a challenge for our tiny little minds!!

The question arises: How can we shine more brightly when faced with potential judgment, rejection, or abandonment? Can we meet ourselves more deeply and stand in our truth and power, even if it makes others uncomfortable? Sometimes yes, sometimes maybe no. However, can we learn to accept and meet ourselves where we’re at, whether we perceive ourselves as successfully navigating these feelings or not?

As we acknowledge and tenderly hold our feelings, understanding, loving, and accepting them, we can move through and integrate these parts rather than rejecting or judging them. An insightful quote that has been helpful for me is, ‘That’s just the pattern I’m working with today,’ reframing the belief that I am not inherently flawed, it’s simply the pattern I’m working with today.

Little by little, as we start accepting and integrating our strengths, our power, our weaknesses, our fears, our dreams, and our longing for love and connection, along with the depths of abandonment and rejection, something magical happens. We begin to connect with our experiences, relating to them with love, compassion, and forgiveness for our human errors. We learn to accept that people come and go on our journey, some will judge, some will envy, and some will try to get in our way. Others will be our best supporters, it’s for us to learn to discern.

By recognizing that we are ever-flowing and in transition, we understand that every state is temporary. We don’t have to over-identify with any temporary feelings or experiences. Embracing this understanding frees us to shine with resilience and compassion, understanding that our capacity to shine bright is always within us, regardless of the temporary shadows we experience. In the end, the only constant is the flow of life force energy.

So, as we navigate this month’s theme of “Going Deeper Within”, let’s remember to meet ourselves where we are today, use what we have and do our best. “

The light in me sees the light within you,

Chantal and the Space to Grow Team


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