Welcome, dear readers, to Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio. I am Chantal, and I am thrilled to have you join us on this self-discovery journey towards claiming, reclaiming, and maintaining our own space to grow through our lifestyle. I want to take a moment to express the deeper concept behind the creation of Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio and share my personal journey filled with unrealistic expectations.

Planting the Seed:

In 2018, when I initially launched the studio, I held onto a vision of a grand wellness center. However, I soon realized that I was just a seed, envisioning a strong, deep-rooted tree. Life had other plans for me. Through turbulent situations, trials, and errors, I discovered that this space was meant for my family and me to grow in. It became a place that embraced the lifestyle my inner child silently yearned for.

Assessing Your Space to Grow:

Now, I invite you to look within yourself and assess if you have enough space to grow in your current situation. Do you need to make shifts in your lifestyle or environment to support your ideal space to grow? As I journeyed, I learned that my space to grow is ever-changing, expanding, and my responsibility. It is essential to continuously claim, reclaim, and maintain it, adapting to the changing seasons and my own needs and capacities.

The Wisdom Within and Around Us:

I firmly believe that we are interconnected with the earth and each other. The answers we seek are not only within ourselves but also embedded in the world around us. I have utilized the wisdom of my body and the earth, trusting in their ability to heal and transform. It is not solely about reaching a destination but embracing the continuous journey of creation and co-creation with the ever-moving universe.

Meeting Ourselves Where We Are:

Today’s blog post emphasizes the need to meet ourselves where we are in our journey, rather than fixating on the expected outcome. Just as I aspired to become a strong tree wellness studio when I was just a seed, this realization humbled me. Surrendering to where we are allows us to utilize what we have, trust in ourselves and the process, and manifest transformation.

Embracing Seasons of Life:

Much like the changing seasons, we, too, go through cycles. Understanding our own cycles allows us to discern when to create, work, play, and rest. By listening to ourselves and respecting our needs, we can enjoy a more balanced and aligned way of life. After all, we cannot expect a seed to grow in the winter. Upcoming Topics and Intentions: In the following months, we will delve into various topics, offering holistic lifestyle wellness tips, activities, and recipes. Our aim is to empower and motivate you to maintain a more balanced and aligned lifestyle. Together, we will expand our capacity to love, forgive, and accept this human experience, including our limitations and those of others. We strive to cultivate trust in the bigger picture and apply the lessons learned from our own experiences, rather than creating life sentences for ourselves. Conclusion: I am truly excited to continue sharing our own experiences and practices that support our own healing. May you find freedom within your own space to grow as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Thank you for joining us at Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio.


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