As we continue to meet ourselves where we’re at in the journeys, we are greeted with the month of April, a time that symbolizes the arrival of spring. We find ourselves faced with another season filled with opportunities of growth and transformation. 

Space to Grow is not just a physical studio but a metaphor for our journey towards reclaiming our space to grow. This April, we are crossing a powerful intersection of cosmic and spiritual energies inviting us to plant seeds of intention for renewal, resurrection, and rebirth, allowing us to take advantage of powerful combined energies of Easter and the upcoming full solar eclipse on April 8th.⁰

While the celebration of Easter may hold significance for those who follow the Christian faith, the theme of resurrection, rebirth, and emergence from the shadows are universally shared between all of us. Regardless of our religious affiliations or beliefs, we can all find parallels in the idea of weeding our gardens, in other words shedding our old selves, and embracing the opportunity for renewal and growth.

We see the alignment of the solar eclipse and the symbolism of Easter as a unique opportunity to reflect on our cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. It’s our time to emerge from the darkness and into light and remember that even in moments of darkness, the light never truly fades. Trusting in the inherent light within us to guide us through our own shadows, updating old patterns, beliefs, and limitations, with forgiveness and acceptance as we step into a new chapter of growth and evolution, to bloom and thrive in our own unique ways.

Now, we honor our journey, gracefully release what no longer serves us, and set clear heart-centered intentions for the future as we move forward with renewed purpose. This is the ideal time to sow your seeds of aspirations, to water them with dedication, and to watch as they break through old belief systems, reaching towards the light of our own potential. Just as a gardener tends to their plants with care and devotion, we have to nurture the seeds of transformation within us, while allowing ourselves lots of time and Space to Grow. 

This month, let’s tend to our gardens by embracing the dance of light and shadow, of rebirth and renewal, knowing that every moment of darkness is just a temporary experiential passage to the return of the light. 

With heartfelt gratitude for the journey that has brought us here, may we honor the beauty of our individual paths and the transformative power that lies within us.

In Gratitude, Chantal @ Space to Grow Studio


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