Book of Connections

Releases November 11, 2020!!!

I think it’s fair to say that life is not always easy or simple, specifically in challenging times as we are in now.
This is why it’s really important to stay connected with our purpose and passion in order to get through this together.

This is not just a book, this is a life guide of spiritual connection. It is designed to help us do just that…stay connected. It provides people’s experiences of connection as well as offers multiple spiritual solutions for our times.


The Original Why Guide

I am excited to be part of the World’s first “Little Black Book” co-written with #whytimers sharing their journey of living life knowing WHY.I had the privilege of experiencing the power of one-on-one #WHYTIME with WHY GUY Gerry Visca and am sharing my inspiring insights of KNOWING WHY in this WHY GUIDE!
This book is designed as a guide to inspire you to find your own deeper WHY!

Create a ripple effect and inspire another! 

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