About Space to Grow 

Hello and welcome to Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio, a space for healing, teaching and living. At our studio, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to confidently reclaim their space to grow and nurture their mind, body, and soul.

Reclaim Your Space to Grow Mission:

At Space to Grow Lifestyle Studio, our mission is to empower you to confidently reclaim your space to grow, both internally and externally. We provide a supportive environment where you are encouraged to explore your inner landscape, heal from past wounds, and cultivate a life aligned with your deepest desires and aspirations. Through our holistic modalities, we guide you towards embracing your innate potential and nurturing your mind, body, and soul.


Our Approach:

At Space to Grow, we believe in the power of holistic healing, addressing the mind, body, and soul connection. Through our services, we aim to provide a nurturing and safe space for individuals to reconnect with themselves and find inner balance, peace and freedom.


Story behind Space to Grow and the
Owner –
Chantal Watier

My name is Chantal, and I’ve spent over a decade as a Somatic Trauma Counselor, devoted to the intricate dance of healing both within the system and through my private practice. My approach is eclectic and includes expertise in various modalities, including Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Therapy, Reiki, and other holistic approaches. My professional path has been in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as Craigwood Youth Services and Vanier Children Services, and today with Patricia Berendsen and Associates – Trauma Healing Center of London.

In 2018, my journey took a turn with the birthing of Space to Grow. The renovated transformation of Space to Grow mirrors my own—a process of reclaiming and cultivating my personal and professional environment. It demanded dedication, confronting unforeseen twists and turns that ultimately led to a more profound connection with my inner self and my life’s purpose. The dream was to create a resilient, collaborative wellness studio, like a tree with deep roots and extensive branches. Yet, I learned that before this tree could flourish, the soil needed tending, the land needed shaping, and I, just a seed, required time and space to sprout.

Now, this tree has grown, its branches representing the extensions of my practice and offerings. One branch is dedicated to the healing of trauma through the power of somatic experiencing, attachment theory, energy healing, chakra alignment, and an assorted array of sound and healing tools. Each branch, unique in its function, contributes to the diverse lifestyle that Space to Grow promotes and lives by.

As we continue to grow, we are excited to be in the process of transforming our Flow Studio into a thriving collaborative market-style storefront. Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of local Canadian goods and handpicked items from around the world—all thoughtfully selected to enrich your life and embody the spirit of community support.

Our shelves will be stocked with natural wellness products, incense, candles, coffees and teas, including the unique mushroom coffee, organic honey, artisan maple syrup, hot sauces and barbecue sauces, cured meats, CBD products, and countless other surprises including decorative art pieces.

The studio’s mission is my own—to encourage each of us, including you, to find and nurture our individual Space to Grow. It’s about taking responsibility for our personal journeys—externally and internally—and cultivating them to reflect the highest expression of our souls. I am dedicated to engaging in practices that empower, enlighten, and motivate continuous spiritual healing and enlightenment. And I warmly invite you to join in, embrace the process, and experience empowerment, growth and connection. At Space to Grow, we hold a steadfast belief: we are stronger together, it takes a village, and we rise by lifting others. Your visit is not just a shopping experience; it’s a step into an enlightened community where every purchase helps us all to grow together.